Words have power

Talk by Chris Sayers on Sunday 24 January 2021 I have been reflecting recently on the power of words. Words are important. Something that has been reinforced this year. We have been reminded that words have power – they have the power to inspire, they have the power to incite. They have no physical substance … More Words have power


Sitting at Feet Luke 8:35 “They…. found the man the demons had departed from, sitting at Jesus’s feet“ Acts 22:13 Paul “educated at the feet of Gamaliel” Luke 10:39 Mary “who also sat at the Lord’s feet and was listening to what he said” Falling at Feet John 11:32 “As soon as Mary came to … More Feet

Remember the Protocol

We thank Angus for his talk today directing us to the Lord’s prayer and reminding us to remember the “protocol”. If you want to hear more of the Fellowship day from inside the hall at Ndirande, Malawi. It is here https://www.facebook.com/cnsutt/videos/10223727509605347 And is John Stoner in this film of the Midlands camp in 1944?https://www.facebook.com/1521308151/videos/10223727565646748 Barbara … More Remember the Protocol